Job Hunting

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Articles, Q.Whitening Short Stories
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Wow, what a job that was, trying to keep up with her quotas and deadlines. At the end of the day, I couldn’t keep up. One day in a heated argument, she stared at me with burning eyes that could melt metal. The tone of her words had a calmness of anger only frustration could produce as she said, “Get the fuck out, right now! I never want to see you again!” All I could do is shake my head as I received my relationship’s pink slip. What should I do now? Where do I start? That’s when I got a phone call from a friend. He suggested the one thing all friends suggest after being fired from a relationship; more job hunting. He tells me to dress for interviews so we could job search a night on the town. We hit a job fair at this one bar, but left five minutes after. It had too many job seekers and not enough employers. As we walk down the street, we put in more applications to employers with words such as, “Hey, baby! Where are you going tonight? Can I come?” Then we enter the line for another job fair at this club. Boy, did our eyes open seeing all the employers in line for this one. We’re in line like two evil villains with the perfect plan. This job fair was an expensive one, but it gave me high hopes. I entered the club, eyes scrolling side to side, up and down taking in information on some employers I may want to interview with. We walk to the bar and ask for two drinks. I scan the bar while waiting for our drinks. I take out two applications in my brain. I go over one application that is for an employer for the night. Then another one that’s for an employer for the rest of my life. I am trying to decide which one to use. That’s when I hear a voice trying to get my attention over the music. She loudly says, “Excuse me, can you please ask the bartender for a Long Island for me?” I look at her then quickly back at the bar. My brain’s late registration of her face caused me to do a double take. I think I have found an employer I want to give my application to. With my double take, I smile and respond to her question, “Well I don’t know, that depends on if you allow me to buy it for you?” She grins with approval while I put her order in.  I introduce myself with the confidence of a man who knows he has this job sewn up. She greets me with a gentle handshake, and so begins the interview process. With each question she asked, the answers I respond with expand my comfort level. She gives me moments of eye contact that shows visual emotions only a great conversation can create. The liquor starts to take more effect on the two of us. That’s when I take a chance that could have my application tossed in the trash. I give her this stare and grin as if I am letting off a romantic night mist that will make my question much easier to embrace. I slide my chair closer, touch her hand then whisper in her ear, “How do you think this night of wonderful conversation will end?” She slides her head back slightly to register my question. Now I have this facial expression of an intoxicated man trying cover up his inner thoughts. She answers, “Well, that depends on how far this conversation of wonder takes us.” Now I slide an inch closer, with my brain developing an ego of confidence that has me mentally rubbing my hands together. I reply with drunken confidence, “How about we explore more with a cab to your place of residence?” I give her direct eye contact trying to see if my question is wrong just in case I need a fast recovery. This is the moment that can have me starting all over with another employer. She drinks the rest of her drink, looks at me, and gives me a signal with her eyes equal to a referee putting his arms up for a game winning field goal. We get up and head towards the door. I pat my pockets hoping to find protection. I feel what I was looking for with a smile. Then my friend gives me a nod of mental thumbs up as I exit the club. We get in a cab and head to her place. On the way there, we had less and less to say as our eyes spoke exactly what we’re thinking. Even in my drunken state, I have a train of thought that asked, ‘Did I give her my application in the first place? And if I did which one did I give her?’ I am at the point of not caring; I just go with the flow. We arrive at her place and before she could touch a light for sight, we start intimately kissing. Our lips touch like two people who just got off a kissing diet. I take her clothes off with each touch, rub, and hug as she guides us to her room. We connect with an affectionate, physical embrace of lust, which has my night’s interview process an unfamiliar occurrence. The next morning, I wake up next to her with more shock then a man who goes deaf. She awakes seeing my face which creates a moment of uncertainty that I can read like a book. We both lay there on mute. I start to think, what happened? What does this mean? Did I get the job or do I even want this job? I break the ice when I say, “I better get going. I have a thousand and one things to do.” She quickly gets up, using the same excuse. We exchange numbers, trying to bring some normality to the situation. On my way home, my thoughts of job hunting has me realize how hard it will be. So many times we get involved with people for reasons that have nothing to do with what makes us truly happy. It’s the same as taking on a career just because it has a great salary. It can create regrets that make you think, have you really attempted to pursue what would have made you happy? At least if you failed in that pursuit of happiness, your doubts in trying to accomplish it would have been satisfied. Trying to get the right person is a task that takes so much to achieve. It’s a road we all want to get off, but while you’re on that road, think about what you truly want. Think about what would make you happy. Try to make sure the employer you attempt to work with has the same goal. Because you don’t want to be that person who wakes up next to someone with the thought of, ‘Why did I choose this person as my career?’

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Written By: Q.Whitening

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