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I have had the pleasure of meeting Jesse Boykins III and I must say he is a cool person. I could see the love he has for his craft just from meeting him. This video is one of his best and the Director Dr. Woo did a wonderful job of getting some beautiful shots. I wish I was there to photograph all the shots Dr. Woo showed within this video. Great Song and Video!

Song By: Jesse Boykins III

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I still remember the first time I watched Crooklyn. Seeing this depiction of a Brooklyn neighborhood in the 70’s blew my mind away. It’s not because of the culture of it  or even the style of the 70’s that got me. What had my eyes glued to the tube like a child’s eye on their favorite candy was the fact that this movie was showing my childhood on screen. I couldn’t believe that my childhood was right before my eyes. People say, “There’s nothing new under the sun” well this is a perfect example of that. It had me flash back to my past like an old man on a park bench. When the movie was over, all I could do is smile and realize when I was a child, I helped make  the world go round.

Crooklyn By: Spike Lee

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“As an artist you go through so many phases so rapidly, it’s hard to like sit down and catch one phase and like one moment that your in. That’s what albums are, like documents of your timeline.”

Jesse Boykins III

Video By: Tone

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One day I was watching an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and it sparked my curiosity to find out the history of the sitcom. I looked it up on wikipedia and discovered something that wasn’t even a thought in my brain.  Before Will Smith was the star of the sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel Air, he started as the MC of the hip-hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. They gained critical acclaim for winning the first ever Grammy in the Rap category (1988). Smith spent money freely during his early career and underpaid his income taxes. The Internal Revenue Service eventually assessed a $2.8 million tax debt against Smith, took many of his possessions, and garnished his income. Smith was nearly bankrupt in 1990 when the NBC television network signed him to a contract and built a sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, around him. The show was successful and launched his acting career.

When I discovered this it gave me a new found appreciation for Will Smith’s career and the show. If it wasn’t for that hardship he went through, whether self inflected or not, he may have never had the determination to be a successful actor.  That hardship created a show that has been sown to my life and others. I’ am happy that I discovered he really did have a story about how his life got twist turned upside down and his success in a town called Hollywood.

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Guitarist Slash fondly reminisces about his experiences working with Michael Jackson on the album  “Dangerous. R.I.P Michael Jackson

Video From: HBO Blacklist Vol. 2

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Amel Larrieux’s voice and lyrics on this song engulfed me as soon as I heard it. This song is a reminder that there is someone out there that can “…live on my smile”

For Real!

I can run like a race for hours and hours
And don’t stop
I can float I can fly us to the highest
Mountain top I can breathe you, I can drink in your laugh
I can… I can live on your smile I can trip and if I can fall into your arms I can
Stay there my whole life

Song By: Amel Larrieux

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The Blacklist is one of my favorite documentaries that has helped me try to be my best at photography and writing. Here’s a piece on Steve Stoute, greatly inspirational.

Video From: HBO The Blacklist

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This is another jar of inspiration to put on my shelf of photography. Gordon Parks really shows how close photography can bring us to  a moment in time.

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The power of photography can re-shape perspectives and opinions on something and/or someone. It can be the one factor that can determine a person’s views about a subject. This documentary is a perfect example of how photography’s impact  has helped a culture show it’s true passion.


Award winning filmmaker, journalist, artist, and activist, Thomas Allen Harris, is currently in production with his fourth feature-length documentary, “Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People.” Co-produced by noted scholar, curator, and author, Dr. Deborah Willis, “Through A Lens Darkly,” is the first documentary and multimedia outreach project that explores how African American communities have used the medium of photography to construct political, aesthetic, and cultural representations of themselves and their world.

The “Through A Lens Darkly” project is part of a new generation of interactive media that expands the boundaries of participatory filmmaking by using both traditional documentary and multimedia platforms to engage television and internet audiences in new, creative, and transformative ways.

Video From: Through A Lens Darkly

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This scene from the movie Up really can tell you why I love photography. It freezes memories that can have you return to moments of your life. And whether those moments are glorious, tragic, or even weird, photography can treasure chest precious memories for you. Then you can look at your photo album and remember when you knew some of the stuff you were going to do.



From: DisneyPixar UP

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