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Follow The Path

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Poems, Q.Whitening Photos
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Photo By: Q.Whitening

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Silence Suicide

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Poems
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My soul escaped me

dripping, running and
oozing out of my collapsing veins
I did nothing
, but watched– in silence

Running wild
my persona
drifted into thin air
tied itself to a black hole
and never returned…

further away
into oblivion

my identity
with its bags near the door
never said goodbye
— I never muttered a word
just heard the door slam
the tires take off

leaving me in the smoke
with a wounded heart
inhaling dangerous ideas
hand me down

icy asphalt
was to blame for slippery morals
sliding further out of reach
seemingly impossible to catch
capturing them
an olympic competition
keeping them
noble prize worthy achievement

I’ve had more than once before
and they shall return to me again

Now, just a rough patch
dry spell
no intimacy
just impotence

you absence
is potent
need a clearance
for grievance

practice patience
because i will seek vengeance
i expect penance

because they took everything
you said nothing
so as they raped our motherland
as they violated your mother
made our backs bleed

you bore the burden

505 years later
you are the burden

still dancing to the tune of gunfire
still violating your mother
now beating the concrete of the jungle

silently committing suicide.

You can also read more of my good friend’s work on her blog
Thanks Mary.
Written By: Mary Battle
Posted By: Q.Whitening

Worlds on top of worlds.

Photos By: Q.Whitening

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These photos, with the help of my roommate Patrick, helped develop my eye more. Pat was the first person I shot in a portrait type of style. Thanks Homes.

Photo By: Q.Whitening

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More everyday culture, imprints left for the world to see.

Photo By: Q.Whitening

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“Black” Man

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Articles, Poems
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Today he’s so melancholy; onlookers glance at a felon probably,

they label his camaraderie gangs, his pants don’t hang,

he doesn’t throw tantrums, he’s not a primate-he’s handsome,

but they say watch him-he steals, he’s not a thief and he too feels, he’s not looking for a record deal-he tries, he applies while he’s forced two be categorized by filling out a section he despised, simultaneously his friends die, he buys nice things, he never yells-he’s intuitive and writes things, no one can encompass what his plight brings,

nights bring thugs that are hungry, and NO that’s not drug money, your funny,

no walking thru his neighborhood, those same neighbors say he’s too good,

cause he won’t really associate, his lifetime goal isn’t to procreate and he scoffs at orange ball, more like Warhol, all I’m saying is when you see a

“BLACK” man, it’s your call.

Written By: Jammie Thompson

Posted By: Q.Whitening


Posted: May 28, 2010 in Articles, Poems
I’m waiting, watching, anticipating
as others achieve their goals…
hope has escaped my soul…so young,
so old, I would love to grow and be bold…
like the others that will have their stories told,
in the history
until my children’s, children grow old…
I do the unforgivable to achieve the impossible
while temporarily escaping the inevitable
and turning into a man that is no longer reliable!
I’m doing anything to achieve those financial tools,
and I’m breaking all the rules…
no reason to excuse these actions
that have impacted so many people I’ve used…
my soul is so bruised
I’m falling into an abyss
no longer to be seen by mankind,
 my ambitions erased from my mind but,
I have arrived!
 Only if I didn’t tell so many lies
 trying to disguise
who I really was on the inside,
my happiness
 wouldn’t have Fallen by the waist side!
 I did everything wrong
 I was playing on the wrong side…
only if I knew
Christ died
for me to live on the
 right side!



By J’Vonne Parker AKA BIG WORDZ





I wrote this poem because, so many people are living for money, worshipping money, and dieing for money. In the mist of their search for money they lose themselves and their happiness. I pray for these people because god has given us all gifts, gifts that we are great at and we love doing. The only thing is that most don’t know or believe in Jesus Christ so, they continue to do things outside their purpose or design and by doing this they may achieve maximum finance but may never have true happiness! Its all about quality of life you can have a billion dollars in the bank and feel empty. Just know that investing in money does not lead us to purpose in life but, investing in Christ will lead us to purpose of life and that’s the ultimate price! So, until the next time be blessed and leave the stress to the rest! BIG WORDZ!

Posted by Pat


Posted: May 25, 2010 in Articles, Photos, Poems
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Soft as a dream
No sounds, so serene
A river runs wide thru my eyes
Relishing in his being

Breathing his thoughts
Turned to words untaught
Bouncing from my drum
To that dwelling seldom saught

To me, he is a deity
Transforming my identity
To only his slave
Yet in all tranquilty

Written By: Sadeeah Bunch

Photo By: Q.Whitening

Posted By: Q.Whiteing