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Posted: August 19, 2012 in Articles
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Good morning ppl!!! I had a random thought that made me realize how real marriage can be. I remember when I was about 14-15, I overheard my Grandfather and Grandmother talking about money. Basically the main reason for this discussion was my Grandmother owing my Grandfather whatever amount of money and when was she going to pay him back. I always remember thinking, “Why does she owe you?! Aren’t y’all married?! Right?!” I think he was proving a point more then to actually get his money back. But now at this age I totally understand why or at least understand enough. When I was younger I had a nice black & white, simple idea of what I thought marriage was or at least should be. But as I got older I realized how color brings complexity to simple ideas and thoughts. Innocence gets stripped from what you think something should be and I guess your only way to stay sane is prove to your childhood thoughts that working to make those thoughts a reality is what you live for…I guess!!

And they call New York Gotham City!!