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There’s a big flintstone type of cereal bowl right in my lap as I scoop spoon full after spoon full of my favorite cereal. My saturday morning cartoon line-up is interrupted with “We will be right back after these words from our sponsors.” Then School House Rock comes on as soon as I start to chew on my cereal goodness. I bob my head back and forth, mouth full of cereal, with my spoon in hand, all to the rhythm. While I am enjoying the song, School House Rock is stitching school lessons to me that impacted me in the classroom and in life. And what tops this all off is School House Rock came on saturday mornings with all of my favorite childhood cartoons. I just want to pay my respects and thank the people behind School House Rock. If it wasn’t for programs such as this one, who knows where I would be today. Thank You and Rest in Peace.

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Whoa, what a day, I can’t remember the last time stress hit me this hard. I forgot to renew my driver’s license; I hope that doesn’t mean it will be suspended. There was a worker out today, so the rest of the crew and I had to pick up the slack. Then on top of that there was a ticket on my car as I was getting ready to go home. That’s life, one day you’re up, the next day you’re down. I am just happy you where here to listen. I really needed you for this one. I can’t believe how helpful you are. Your ears are always open to me and I can tell you anything. I feel like I owe you for this relationship we have. Is there anyway I can repay you? Matter of fact, how long have we been friends. I know it has to be about seven or eight months. I’m be honest, I didn’t expect it to last this long. I didn’t expect any of this at all. It wasn’t even a train of thought for me. But then again, I think you were always there, it just wasn’t our time to connect in the past. I do have vivid memories of me thinking you were boring. I was reluctant when it came to meeting you back then. I use to think it would be like pulling teeth. Plus my attention span, during that period, was very short. Now that times have changed you’re an important piece to my life. You give me a certain relief, which in a weird way inspires me. I mean, you have opened up doors that have expanded who I am. You even helped me express parts of myself that has given people a better understanding of who I am and who I want to become. It’s like your friendship with me is an art. The passion our friendship has created has me feeling like a sky surfer. I feel bondless with this relationship. It’s so wonderful but yet a relationship I never take for granted. You give me perspective on life’s issues and at the same time bliss with those perspectives. Sometimes I go back and reread our conversations. I must tell you; even I am impressed at times. I even showed some of our conversations to other people and they loved them. Our relationship even inspired others to try to find a friendship that can be a possible passion. I think the biggest help this relationship has done for me is not to be afraid. For most of my life, whether it stems from my childhood or not, fear has plagued me. The fear of failure was a boulder I couldn’t push off till you came along and helped me face it. I guess it’s never too late to discover or in this case, rediscover something in your life. I don’t know if this explains how much I value our friendship. I don’t even know what the future holds for our friendship. But I do know when my fingers were introduced to this pen a bond was created; giving me a new found passion. If this passion takes me to unreachable places, I want to thank my pen for the journey. I want to thank it for helping me discover who I am and what I can possibly become. I never seen an unlimited sky like the one my pen help present. But more then that I want to thank my pen for the power it possesses. That power has brought me to the true understanding of my friendship with writing and that’s a friendship I have grown to cherish.

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I did a shoot with a high school friend, Adoniz, who is a striving musician/singer. He’s very talented and offers a lot for the ears. If you would like to hear some of his music you can go to


“Meet The Musician”

“My Guitar”

“Ready To Shine”

“Rock On”

“Soul Music”

“Post No Bills”

“God Bless”

“A Son-Set’s Melody”

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The day before the 4th of July I decided to go to Hoboken. When I got there I just fell in love. The environment, people, and view engulfed me the whole time I was there. Here is my experience in Hoboken.

“A Veteran’s Day”

“A Family’s Independence”

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When I think of breaking through barriers, going from the bottom to the top usually comes to mind. For example, rap broke from an urban environment into the lives and living rooms of a suburban environment. But skateboarding is one of the few times I have seen something from a suburban environment reach the lives of people in a urban environment. I can remember when I was younger, when I would see a skateboard, my views of it were equivalent to my views of golf; I will never do it. Now in the ghetto streets of Newark, New Jersey, skateboarding is becoming common place. It actually makes me smile to see children participating in other forms of recreational activity besides basketball, video games, and football. All I could think of when I seen this kid with his skateboard is, “Kick, Push” little homie, keep kicking, keep pushing.


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Recently we got the chance to interview our friend singer, song writer, and producer Adoniz.

Adoniz – Sex wit you

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In Union Square Park, it’s this pair of guys who puts on a show for the people. They do various of stunts and jumps, but their finale is the main guy within the pair flipping over a certain amount of people. I was happy that I got to catch “The Big Jump.”

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This is why HBO is so dominate today. HBO takes TV and transcends it past imagination. HBO has you watch a show and when the show is over, it leaves you with a thought of, “That was more then I imagined.”

From: HBO Imagine

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Shoe: Your A Lier

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Nothing like the innocence and truth of children.

Comic Strip From:

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The end of “The Hoboken Experience: Independence Day” is coming soon. Here’s a preview to the series.

“Welcome To Hoboken”

“My View”

“Red White & Blue”

“What’s Your Perspective”

“I Salute You”

“The Majesty”

“It’s All About Perspective”

“My Perspective”

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