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Artist Block

Posted: July 16, 2013 in Articles
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I have never seen my father besides a photo so when it comes to my father I always have this image of him that’s never finished. I only seen one picture of him and that’s when he was 17 and in this picture he has this certain posture and candid position he’s standing in. I haven’t seen the photo in so long that I never can remember his face clearly, like an out of focused camera, I see him but it’s blurred. So I take all these stories about his appearance from my family to my moms and start to create his face. Every time I put it together I never like what I’m picturing in my mind so I throw it away like a artist with creative block. Then I always end up starting over. I guess the moral of this story is maybe my picture will be painted perfect the day I see him.

The Bad

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Articles
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Such a bad time in my life right now. Guess we all have to go through something in our lives in order to make us stronger and more humble people.

My Friend

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Articles
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I just lost a good friend who watched me grow up on the Range. He was bestfriend’s with my Uncle Tone and cousin Marcus Sanders and the rest of the close range fam. We had great times even after my Uncle passed and he use to tell me how much Tone meant to him. He loved his boys and I for one is at ease with the fact that he got to see his two sons, with energy, smiles, jokes and laughs. That’s something you could always count on with Antoine Baskerville was he will always be there for his kids. But overall I’m happy to know he’s not in pain anymore and is at ease. I wish his family the best in this sad time and hope all of you hold strong. And to Dirt(what I known him as) thanks for everything from advice trading to just being a friend through out my childhood to manhood. We all need help and you were an example of things to do and things not do in life. R.I.P Dirt, I will miss you homie!! Love you a ton!!


Posted: July 3, 2013 in Articles
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I’ve learned over the years that there is more perspective in life then right or wrong. A person’s perspective is more important then being right or wrong.

Comfort Zone

Posted: June 22, 2013 in Articles
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Ignorance isn’t bliss…it’s familiar. And unfortunately there’s comfort in that.


Posted: August 19, 2012 in Articles
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Good morning ppl!!! I had a random thought that made me realize how real marriage can be. I remember when I was about 14-15, I overheard my Grandfather and Grandmother talking about money. Basically the main reason for this discussion was my Grandmother owing my Grandfather whatever amount of money and when was she going to pay him back. I always remember thinking, “Why does she owe you?! Aren’t y’all married?! Right?!” I think he was proving a point more then to actually get his money back. But now at this age I totally understand why or at least understand enough. When I was younger I had a nice black & white, simple idea of what I thought marriage was or at least should be. But as I got older I realized how color brings complexity to simple ideas and thoughts. Innocence gets stripped from what you think something should be and I guess your only way to stay sane is prove to your childhood thoughts that working to make those thoughts a reality is what you live for…I guess!!

With complicity comes vulnerability, it’s what we do not see that concerns me.