The Infamous Representative

Posted: June 27, 2010 in Articles, Q.Whitening Short Stories
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Were you ever watching television when a breaking story interrupted your program and the newscaster said, “This just in we have breaking news,” from whatever celebrity trying to right a wrong. The celebrity would get on the television, start his or her “I am so sorry, it will never happen again.” Now you’re at home looking, and whether you believe it or not, you still feel like he/she was just presenting a representation of him or herself. This can be applied to today’s society, whether it’s a friend or person you’re dating, they’re showing their representative to you. Now the thing about people showing their representative to you is that it can be used to manipulate what they’re really trying to achieve. It can be good or bad, but no matter the goal we can all attest that we have used it. I just think it has been used for personal gain so much that it comes out the wrong way at times. You have to realize when your eyes are set on a certain goal (business, friend, or dating relationship) that you must actually put in work for that goal. You have to make sure you’re not sitting on your hands because a bad representative can be with you for years before you notice you even have one. That representative can cloud you enough to cover over habits and flaws you may never wanted to be part of. While you’re taking your time to get to know a person, be conscious of the INFAMOUS REPRESENTATIVE. If you’re not slightly prepared it can determine whether you get the person you really want in your life. I just hope your well-equiped not to get the negative side and end up with a representation of a relationship.

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Written By: Q.Whitening

Posted By: Q.Whitening


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