Coin of Reflection

Posted: June 22, 2010 in life, Q.Whitening Photos, Q.Whitening Short Stories
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A past memory that is thumb tacked to my brain is the corner store across the street from my job. I was about twenty-five then, and the corner store was my regular break spot. At this store, it had a variety of homeless people, winos, and drug addicts. Before I could push open the door to get in the store, I was always bombarded by a barrage of, “Do you have a quarter?” or “Do you have any change you can spare?” But this one particular homeless man never asked me for change. I never paid it any attention because I was always asked for change by others. After maneuvering through the small crowd of begging, I get in the store, and head straight to my favorite section.  As I am sorting through snack cakes, I can see out of the corner of my eye, the homeless man who never asked for change looking for things to buy. I have a slight thought of, ‘Where did he get enough money to buy more then two things to eat?’ I figure it must have been a great week of begging for him. I finally find my cake then I speed walk to the fridge to get a drink. I find my juice of delight and head to the counter to pay for my items. Soon as I get to the counter, the homeless man slides behind me like a kid trying to dish someone without anyone noticing. I guess he did this because most of the time the Dominicans who owned the store would kick a homeless person out. The man behind the counter rang my snacks up and presented me with my total. I search my wallet for the money. That’s when I realize I was a quarter short of the total. Now I am in and out of my pockets hoping a quarter fairy will bless one of them with change. With each pocket I check, my hopes get lower and lower, till the point of me telling the man I don’t have it. That’s when the most unexpected occurrence happens, the homeless man steps in and says, “I got it.”  The shock on my face can only be described as heaven struck. I just couldn’t believe that a person who needs more then I have ever needed in that time of life, gave me a hand. That homeless man giving me a quarter, even for something little as the snacks I had, gave me something more then food that day. He gave me a life lesson that I have never took for granted. Many times I have seen people have the power to help others but never use it. Matter of fact, many times I have passed by people in need without thought of helping. But what he showed me that day was a reflection of him through that quarter. There maybe a number of reasons for his homelessness. He could have failed on a life goal and never recovered. He could have got addicted to a drug or even just plain and simple, lazy. Whatever his reason was for being in the position he was in for that day, I am grateful for it. The reflection he showed me is something that has given me a little more consciousness of what I can do to improve my life and others.  No one can or should judge another person’s life, but we can learn from another person’s life. And whether that person is keen to the lessons they are teaching just by living, people should understand just by living you’re always reflecting images of your self that can and/or will impact lives. So the next time you give change to a homeless man or some random person asks you for a quarter, just remember that coin can be a reflection of you.

Photo By: Q.Whitening

Written By: Q.Whitening

Posted By: Q.Whitening

  1. Jariah says:

    WOW… that is a very awe inspiring story!! Very profound, “… that coin can be a reflection of you.” Well said Qua, im very very impressed by your dialogue, build-up and delivery. Great job and dope photo!!

  2. Thyana says:

    Wow, amazing story….and so vivid with ur use of words, felt like I was there! And once again, Love the shot…Keep it up Quawee!!!

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