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Posted: October 18, 2011 in Q.Whitening Photos
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Posted: October 4, 2011 in Q.Whitening Photos
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I have had the pleasure of meeting Jesse Boykins III and I must say he is a cool person. I could see the love he has for his craft just from meeting him. This video is one of his best and the Director Dr. Woo did a wonderful job of getting some beautiful shots. I wish I was there to photograph all the shots Dr. Woo showed within this video. Great Song and Video!

Song By: Jesse Boykins III

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Posted: July 11, 2010 in Articles, life, love
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A relationship gone astray is unfortunately something that majority of music listeners can relate to. Although the relationship may have diminished, that doesn’t mean the feelings involved have. There are many feelings one can have toward an Ex-flame and these feelings can vary depending on how things panned out. Well here’s a playlist prescription for those moments when your feeling the fire from an Ex-Flame.

1. John Legend= “Everybody knows” (Evolver)

2. Jill Scott= “My Love” (The Real Thing)

3. Erykah Badu= “Next Lifetime” (Baduizm)

4.     Dave Hollister= “One woman Man” (Chicago 85 the Movie)

5. D’Angelo= “One Mo’gin” (Voodoo)

6. John Mayer= “I’m gonna find another you” (Continuum)

7.      Ne-yo= “Just aint right” (In my own words)

8.     Raheem Devaughn= “She’s not you” (love behind the melody)

9. 112= “Love you like I did” (Room 112)

10. Sam Salter= “Once my shh” (The little black cook)

Written and Created By: James Miller

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Stevie Wonder is one of the greatest artist of all-time. His music has touched and continues to touch the world as we know it. Here is a song that has blessed me with encouragement to always be open to love.  Thanks Stevie

Did you know that true love asks for nothing
Her acceptance is the way we pay
Did you know that life has given love a guarantee
To last through forever and another day
Just as time knew to move on since the beginning
And the seasons know exactly when to change
Just as kindness knows no shame
Know through all your joy and pain
That I’ll be loving you always
As today I know I’m living but tomorrow
Which make me the past but that I mustn’t fear
For I’ll know deep in my mind
The love of me I’ve left behind Cause I’ll be loving you always

Song By: Stevie Wonder

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So many times I have felt like this Eric Roberson song. Whether your a male or female, famous or not, I think everyone has felt the load of trying to juggle a relationship and some form of success. That success can be a job, career, or just other relationships. I guess sometimes we all wish that person could hear us over the music.

Good Looking with this one J.

If I find love tomorrow I’m
hoping it don’t follow
The path I’ve been lost on too many times

Song By: Eric Roberson

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