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Trailer I: ‘NICHE’ The Documentary Series for Creatives, Artisans, Artists, Musicians, Innovators, Designers, Influencers, Skaters etc.

Produced by: Jay Troupe x Q.Whitening
Directed by: Jay Troupe
Cinematography: Q. Whitening
Edited by: Q.Whitening
Music By: Bill Brown

A tru$tfund collective Production

About month or two ago I did series on skateboarding going from a suburban environment into an urban one. Well, at the Newark’s Lincoln Park Music Festival skateboarding was one of the best showcase of the festival. Here’s my experience with the boarders.

“A Board’s Symbol”

“A Skateboarder’s Blur”

“A Fan”

“A Childhood Conversation”

“Ready To Skate”

“The Ramp”

“The Showcase”

“The Winner”

“The Lady Boarder”

“Skateboarder’s Break”

“I Got It All On Film”

Photos By: Q.Whitening

Posted By: Q.Whitening