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A Stolen Future

Posted: June 1, 2011 in Articles
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I want you to ask yourself a question, can you remember a time when someone tried or stole your future? Better yet can you remember when someone stole someone else’s future? Well, let’s take a walk to a moment when I seen it happen right before my eyes. It was a normal work day. I got to work fifteen minutes earlier then my start time. I’m standing in the main corridor of the school, passing out “Hey, how you doing?” and “What’s up” to students and teachers. One would have thought I was a club promoter, on party night, passing out flyers. As I’m receiving my return greetings I notice out of the corner of my eye, a teacher speaking with a parent. Their conversation was loud enough for me to hear but not loud enough for the rest of the hallway to hear. The teacher is telling the parent about her child and is suggesting some ways to improve the child’s education. The teacher says “Well, he’s good in class and tries his best, but I think he can do a little more. Sometimes he quits before he really tries to complete an assignment. I think before he drops in his grade production we can stop it before it happens. If you can put him in a tutoring program, it could correct some of these errors greatly.” The parent stares at the teacher with a look that can only be described as “What!” Before the parent speaks she looked at her child and then brings eyes back to the teacher. When she did this it felt like she ran in a booth and put on a mask and cope. What she said next put more shock in me than being stuck by lighting. “So what you saying is don’t help my child? You trying to tell me I don’t do enough?” The parent says with a fire to her voice. “I do everything I can for my son and I know for a fact he tries the best he can.” The teacher replies, “I didn’t say that your child…” The parent interrupts the teacher and continues her rant, “I don’t need no teacher or anybody else for that matter telling me what I don’t do for my son. Thank you, and let’s go boy.” The parent walks away and the teacher is left standing there with a silent confused look. The teacher turns her head and we make eye contact. When our eyes interlock, they communicate exactly what we were both thinking without an utter of a word. I shake my head and the teacher walks back to her class. While I’m standing there I ask myself a question. If my life didn’t pan out how I envisioned it, would I try to take my child’s future instead? Raising children is a hard but yet delicate act to do in life. There are so many moments that can and will determine how a child’s life will turn out. Some moments will be simple and others more complicated. But the job of a parent is to try to raise a child into the best adult possible. Parents should satisfy any type of hunger a child has for a better future. Their goals should always be in the best interest of their children. This particular parent was worst than a thief because material possessions can always be replaced. But stealing someone’s future is a crime that is hard to recover from. It is something that can snowball effect into a bigger issue. I don’t know if the parent was aware of what she was doing. I don’t know if this moment she created stems from her own insecurities. But I do know, for whatever reason, it was wrong. She commented a crime that I hope she, one day learns from. If she doesn’t, she can be the main reason why her son’s future gets derailed. So if you’re ever in a position such as this one, keep in mind how fragile this moment can be. You can be the difference between a promising future and a stolen one. And let’s be honest, who wants to be known as a thief.

Written By: Q.Whitening

Posted By: Q.Whitening

Whoa, what a day, I can’t remember the last time stress hit me this hard. I forgot to renew my driver’s license; I hope that doesn’t mean it will be suspended. There was a worker out today, so the rest of the crew and I had to pick up the slack. Then on top of that there was a ticket on my car as I was getting ready to go home. That’s life, one day you’re up, the next day you’re down. I am just happy you where here to listen. I really needed you for this one. I can’t believe how helpful you are. Your ears are always open to me and I can tell you anything. I feel like I owe you for this relationship we have. Is there anyway I can repay you? Matter of fact, how long have we been friends. I know it has to be about seven or eight months. I’m be honest, I didn’t expect it to last this long. I didn’t expect any of this at all. It wasn’t even a train of thought for me. But then again, I think you were always there, it just wasn’t our time to connect in the past. I do have vivid memories of me thinking you were boring. I was reluctant when it came to meeting you back then. I use to think it would be like pulling teeth. Plus my attention span, during that period, was very short. Now that times have changed you’re an important piece to my life. You give me a certain relief, which in a weird way inspires me. I mean, you have opened up doors that have expanded who I am. You even helped me express parts of myself that has given people a better understanding of who I am and who I want to become. It’s like your friendship with me is an art. The passion our friendship has created has me feeling like a sky surfer. I feel bondless with this relationship. It’s so wonderful but yet a relationship I never take for granted. You give me perspective on life’s issues and at the same time bliss with those perspectives. Sometimes I go back and reread our conversations. I must tell you; even I am impressed at times. I even showed some of our conversations to other people and they loved them. Our relationship even inspired others to try to find a friendship that can be a possible passion. I think the biggest help this relationship has done for me is not to be afraid. For most of my life, whether it stems from my childhood or not, fear has plagued me. The fear of failure was a boulder I couldn’t push off till you came along and helped me face it. I guess it’s never too late to discover or in this case, rediscover something in your life. I don’t know if this explains how much I value our friendship. I don’t even know what the future holds for our friendship. But I do know when my fingers were introduced to this pen a bond was created; giving me a new found passion. If this passion takes me to unreachable places, I want to thank my pen for the journey. I want to thank it for helping me discover who I am and what I can possibly become. I never seen an unlimited sky like the one my pen help present. But more then that I want to thank my pen for the power it possesses. That power has brought me to the true understanding of my friendship with writing and that’s a friendship I have grown to cherish.

Written By: Q.Whitening

Photo By: Q.Whitening

Posted By. Q.Whitening