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This is some new tests I’ve been running with my editing methods. I know it doesn’t seem like it because I like my editing very subtle and I try to keep it true to my original photo. But as I show more of my work you will see more changes.

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With another school year over, new memories will be waiting for the students in September. But before we think ahead, let’s look back at a past year.

“When is it going to be over?”

“Parent Teacher Conference”

“Education is The Key”

“Summer Ready”

“Principle and Vice Principle”

“What are you doing this summer?”

“Believe and Hope”

“Summertime Prouch Moms”

“Summertime Hoop Dreams”

“A School Crush”

“The School’s Roses”

“Time to Pack Up”

“Congrats Grads”

“See You Next Year”

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I was on break talking to some of the old timers of the area. This one man was telling me how much change he has seen over the years. He even told me a story on one of the homeless men that roams the area. The homeless man use to be a football coach then one day, he just lost it. The old timer didn’t go into detail on what exactly happen, but he did leave me with these words.

“Some people just can’t handle the pressure.”

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Nothing like a good book.

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