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One day I came home from a hard day’s work. It was one of those days that had me feeling like I was in a Rocky, Apollo Creed fight. When I walked in the door I was greeted by the loving arms of my girlfriend. She embraced me like she was seeing her favorite artist for the first time. She could see in my face that the day just took so much from me. As we both walked to my room, I felt like I was going to lie on my bed and sleep into another world. When I got there I didn’t even think about my clothes, I just jumped right onto my bed. I guess my girlfriend decided to turn on the radio and put in my favorite music album. I closed my eyes sinking  into my bed as the album got deeper. I could feel the albums sounds knowing the right emotion to play at that moment. Track after track played like fingers caressing my back, slowly whispering in my ear; knowing exactly what I needed for me to feel a certain mental calmness. The tracks of the album felt like a musical quilt wrapping me in a climax of relaxation. Then all of a sudden I opened my eyes, and I realized there wasn’t any music playing at all. All that time it was my girlfriend doing this to me. She knew, at that moment of time, exactly what I needed to help me through the night like my favorite music album. A relationship with a person can be just like an album. There will be tracks on the album you don’t understand. You will even come across some of the album that you don’t listen to. But when you’re in a time of need that album will always be the one that helps the most. That night I recognized how she was the album for me at that time of my life. I didn’t have a clue if I would keep that album forever, or if it was a classic at all, but I do know in that moment she was the album of my life.

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Written By: Q.Whitening

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