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Silence Suicide

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Poems
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My soul escaped me

dripping, running and
oozing out of my collapsing veins
I did nothing
, but watched– in silence

Running wild
my persona
drifted into thin air
tied itself to a black hole
and never returned…

further away
into oblivion

my identity
with its bags near the door
never said goodbye
— I never muttered a word
just heard the door slam
the tires take off

leaving me in the smoke
with a wounded heart
inhaling dangerous ideas
hand me down

icy asphalt
was to blame for slippery morals
sliding further out of reach
seemingly impossible to catch
capturing them
an olympic competition
keeping them
noble prize worthy achievement

I’ve had more than once before
and they shall return to me again

Now, just a rough patch
dry spell
no intimacy
just impotence

you absence
is potent
need a clearance
for grievance

practice patience
because i will seek vengeance
i expect penance

because they took everything
you said nothing
so as they raped our motherland
as they violated your mother
made our backs bleed

you bore the burden

505 years later
you are the burden

still dancing to the tune of gunfire
still violating your mother
now beating the concrete of the jungle

silently committing suicide.

You can also read more of my good friend’s work on her blogĀ
Thanks Mary.
Written By: Mary Battle
Posted By: Q.Whitening


Posted: May 20, 2010 in Articles
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True life through gods sight

True life is seen through gods lenses how we love one another, live for one another, teach one another, reach for another, and believe in one another. Its time we start achieving for each other. It can be no life or love without gods touch, so when you finally felt that real love it ain’t luck or that wheel jerked when you where drunk and fell asleep behind that wheel stopping you from a righteous kill, that was gods touch! So before we get into life, love, and lenses let’s give thanks to god for being within us, keeping us in his life, his love and his lenses, and for the lessons we’ve learned, the growth in self that we truly haven’t earned, for our trash that will soon turn to gold, and for life that we may grow old! So until next time love life as god has his lenses on your new life!

By Jvonne Parker

Thanks big bruh!

Posted by Pat