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In this series of photos I got to to shoot the hospital in Bohol. Trust and believe this is one place you would not want to be. We tend to think the U.S. hospitals are bad or have the worst service, just imagine being in a hospital that doesn’t have the resources to give you the proper care. And that’s exactly what I witnessed first hand.

Hot Dog

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Q.Whitening Photos
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More of the Filipino culture through their religion, tradition, & beliefs.

This is one of my personal favorites. Of course I have many from my trip to the Philippines but this was a stand alone that I felt i had to share.

I got to witness the opening of a coconut first hand.

Sorry I didn’t give you a description for this series but my internet was acting up. In this series of photos Willma took me on a tour of her old home which was across from the one they lived in now. When I walked in I loved everything about it. It gave me a real 70’s feel and I felt like I was somewhere where I knew the walls wish they could talk. I knew it had stories, memories, and I found out political history. So, of course, let’s see if my camera help give you what I was seeing from my perspective.




In this set it was just a day where I was watching and playing with the kids of Jagna. That’s one thing I can say I am a big kid myself so I had a great time with them. It got to the point that all the kids of the village where calling me Mr. Q. Yup Mr. Q is international now.