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About 3 to 3 1/2 years ago I took a photo of this little girl and her big cousin. At the time I think she was about 8 to 12 months. It was actually her first summer during the time.


During that time I was just learning my camera, I was still trying to figure out what’s what on my camera. Luckily I got this one right. Now fast forward 3 to 4 years and look who’s all grown up!! I was so shocked to see her. Now she’s talking and everything. She has such a big personality to be so small. And now she has officially turned me old.

Meet Poody




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Space Club performs live at OldFields. Also new track off the soon to be released mixtape Green Eggs and Schwam.

Special thanks:
Space Club & Schwam Gang Fans

Mikeala Semexant

OldFields Highschool

J’vonne Parker

James Miller

Patrick Douglas

Space Love vs. Lust

Stevie Love AKA I BE BUGGIN!

The Whole Schwam Gang Family

OldFields Staff and Faculty

A Life.Love.Lenses Production

I was on break talking to some of the old timers of the area. This one man was telling me how much change he has seen over the years. He even told me a story on one of the homeless men that roams the area. The homeless man use to be a football coach then one day, he just lost it. The old timer didn’t go into detail on what exactly happen, but he did leave me with these words.

“Some people just can’t handle the pressure.”

Photo by: Q.Whitening

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