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So for the past 2-3 weeks I have been seeing this cat around the neighborhood. For some reason this cat isn’t scared of anyone but at the same time it isn’t annoying enough to make you want it to leave you alone. It always shows up around 3-3:30, right after school. And this cat always end up with some food. Something about this cat’s aura is inviting enough to have at least one of us feed him.

So without further ado meet our neighbor of Hawthorne Avenue.

With another school year over, new memories will be waiting for the students in September. But before we think ahead, let’s look back at a past year.

“When is it going to be over?”

“Parent Teacher Conference”

“Education is The Key”

“Summer Ready”

“Principle and Vice Principle”

“What are you doing this summer?”

“Believe and Hope”

“Summertime Prouch Moms”

“Summertime Hoop Dreams”

“A School Crush”

“The School’s Roses”

“Time to Pack Up”

“Congrats Grads”

“See You Next Year”

Photo’s By: Q.Whitening

Posted By: Q.Whitening