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The Signs of Spring

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Photos, Q.Whitening Photos
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One of my inspirational pieces.

I am home watching an HBO series called the Blacklist Volume Two. I had already seen the Blacklist Volume One and was excited about volume two. The documentary was showing black, influential figures speaking about their experience on the road to their goals. One of the segments that caught my attention was Melvin Van Peebles, father of Mario Van Peebles. He explained how hard it was trying to become a screenwriter and director. Hollywood constantly would turn him away in his pursuit of filmmaking. But it was a specific quote he said that stood out for me. He said that ‘‘Bees aerodynamically can’t fly, but bees don’t know that. They spread their wings anyway and go.’’ This struck me like lightning to a tree on a stormy night. It put me in a moment of focus that felt like a movie scene; where there’s so much happening around you but the sound is on mute. In life things can feel impossible, with light shining everywhere but your direction. Sometimes the world can feel as if it’s trying to stone your dreams. The more you try to get up the harder the stones are thrown. This can beat you down even to the point of thinking that your goal isn’t worth what you’re going through at all. Sometimes you have to forget that you had to maneuver an obstacle on your life’s road. Just when your path seems the hardest, keep your goals the focus like bees searching for pollen. The chant of “Bees can’t fly” becomes the fuel needed for you to spread your wings in flight to your goal. Because you know that bees have no clue that they can’t fly, they just spread their wings and GO.

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