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My Friend

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Articles
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I just lost a good friend who watched me grow up on the Range. He was bestfriend’s with my Uncle Tone and cousin Marcus Sanders and the rest of the close range fam. We had great times even after my Uncle passed and he use to tell me how much Tone meant to him. He loved his boys and I for one is at ease with the fact that he got to see his two sons, with energy, smiles, jokes and laughs. That’s something you could always count on with Antoine Baskerville was he will always be there for his kids. But overall I’m happy to know he’s not in pain anymore and is at ease. I wish his family the best in this sad time and hope all of you hold strong. And to Dirt(what I known him as) thanks for everything from advice trading to just being a friend through out my childhood to manhood. We all need help and you were an example of things to do and things not do in life. R.I.P Dirt, I will miss you homie!! Love you a ton!!


I just seen some breaking news. The reason the world didn’t end today is because Japan’s ended a few months ago. There are ppl who really need the attention that was put on this false report of the world ending. I can bet the ppl of Japan didn’t hear the news and if they did I’m quite sure they would of said,

“You sure it didn’t end already?”