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There’s a big flintstone type of cereal bowl right in my lap as I scoop spoon full after spoon full of my favorite cereal. My saturday morning cartoon line-up is interrupted with “We will be right back after these words from our sponsors.” Then School House Rock comes on as soon as I start to chew on my cereal goodness. I bob my head back and forth, mouth full of cereal, with my spoon in hand, all to the rhythm. While I am enjoying the song, School House Rock is stitching school lessons to me that impacted me in the classroom and in life. And what tops this all off is School House Rock came on saturday mornings with all of my favorite childhood cartoons. I just want to pay my respects and thank the people behind School House Rock. If it wasn’t for programs such as this one, who knows where I would be today. Thank You and Rest in Peace.

Posted By: Q.Whitening