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I think I never truly explained my premise behind the Burn/Abandoned Memories series I have been posting lately. Well as I go to work or run errands around Irvington and Newark New Jersey, I’ve noticed these burned or abandoned houses/buildings. I think it sparked my interest because I can remember the first time I seen my old house, which I spent majority of my childhood, boarded up. It hit me hard as a Tyson punch to know that generations grew in this now disregarded home. I feel like we(my family) craved pieces of ourselves in those walls, on those floors, on those steps. At one point it was an image of love, an image of warmth, care, and just….LIFE! I wonder how the people who lived in these homes felt to find out that a part of their lives is destroyed or taken from them. I think we tend to take what we have for granite all the time…UNTIL…it’s taken from us. I was shocked to see so many of these burned/abandon homes in the middle of residential neighborhoods. It gave me this feeling that the main reason they were still up was to show the other homes that this can happen to you.

I hope you enjoy this series because this is exactly how I feel about memories that have been abandon or burned. 


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190 Bowery

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