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“As an artist you go through so many phases so rapidly, it’s hard to like sit down and catch one phase and like one moment that your in. That’s what albums are, like documents of your timeline.”

Jesse Boykins III

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The power of photography can re-shape perspectives and opinions on something and/or someone. It can be the one factor that can determine a person’s views about a subject. This documentary is a perfect example of how photography’s impact  has helped a culture show it’s true passion.


Award winning filmmaker, journalist, artist, and activist, Thomas Allen Harris, is currently in production with his fourth feature-length documentary, “Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People.” Co-produced by noted scholar, curator, and author, Dr. Deborah Willis, “Through A Lens Darkly,” is the first documentary and multimedia outreach project that explores how African American communities have used the medium of photography to construct political, aesthetic, and cultural representations of themselves and their world.

The “Through A Lens Darkly” project is part of a new generation of interactive media that expands the boundaries of participatory filmmaking by using both traditional documentary and multimedia platforms to engage television and internet audiences in new, creative, and transformative ways.

Video From: Through A Lens Darkly

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I’m Beaming- Lupe Fiasco

Today……nobody cares but tomorrow they will, they will

Today nobody cares but oh tomorrow they will, they will

Another track that helps me move forward in my photography and writing.

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I watched  Up, and it’s a must see, that’s if you haven’t seen already. I really recommend it. It has timeless humor and still hits everyday issues within the storyline. One of the best animation movies I have ever seen.

From: DisneyPixar UP

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About a week ago I put the first part of Masters of Photography Diane Arbus Part 1, if you missed the first part just click on this link to watch it.

Masters of Photography Diane Arbus Part 1

Masters of Photography Diane Arbus Part two is just as strong as part one and is another plate of inspiration for my passion and love for photography.

“Then it had to be explained to her(Diane Arbus) that there are great artists in every era, who are so new and so different that nobody can understand them, the ears or the eyes are not use to it, and they really  the ones that contribute to the medium. But at the same time there are other artists, and they work also in non-understandable kind of a way that nobody can understand what they are doing, and they are phonies and they work with illusions and fantasies and that this kind of a difference is extremely important to understand.”

Photograher Lisette Model

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