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In this set it was just a day where I was watching and playing with the kids of Jagna. That’s one thing I can say I am a big kid myself so I had a great time with them. It got to the point that all the kids of the village where calling me Mr. Q. Yup Mr. Q is international now.


A preview of a visit to Bohol’s mini zoo on the way back from some zip lining.

This series of photos is to highlight the unique eyes of the filipino people. Especially the bright energy of the children.


This is a preview photo for the next series Filipino Eyes. Coming soon!!

This set of photos is my experience in Jagna’s market place in Bohol, Philippines. I will allow my images to speak exactly what I was seeing, feeling, and just enjoying. My perspective!


In this set of photos we where going to Balicasag, it’s a small island off the coast of Bohol. This is where Willma found Nemo and I actually met Nemo. I’m sorry I didn’t have an underwater camera to film that part. But I enjoyed Balicasag x2. So here’s the B&W photos for you. 

I hope you enjoy the photos!!