A Dark Age of Art

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Articles
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In this new age of self expression, creativity, and self promotion how do you tell a person their just not good? How do you tell them what they created is just simply trash? I totally understand a person not being good at first but coated with a possibility of getting better. But to be coated with a potential for more trash, how do you let them know to stop? And that’s the biggest problem with the internet. With all this access to cameras, photoshops, final cuts, instagrams, social networks, and even actual access to conversions with your favorite celebrity we have a strong chance to go into a dark age of art. It’s very possible that we can be engulfed by creative C’s, D’s, and F’s with a very limited amount of B’s and A’s if not none at all. All I can say is that this is VERY scary cause when creativity gets a bad grade advancement stuffers the most.

  1. alanderwin says:

    Interesting blog. I have Two Thoughts:

    1) I look at art like music: be unique, original and true to your feelings and let your available talent communicate an authentic message. Innovate. Not Imitate.

    2) Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry once said: “A Man’s Got To Know His Limitations”.

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