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I was in the store getting a snack while on break. As I was deciding on what I should get I saw a group of kids doing the same. It was three of them and their ages were ranging from six to eight. What stood out about the kids more than the usual was how happy they were to get all types of goodies but with a family first card. The oldest of the three was the conductor of the purchases. There wasn’t an ounce of embarrassment or shame attached to them while getting their snacks. It made me think back to when I was eight. I can remember my mother sending me to the store that had a sign that said WE ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS. On mu way to the store I hated that I had to have a fist full of food stamps to keep me company. I would walk every aisle before even attempting to buy anything let alone show the food stamps. I always hoped none of my friends would catch me buying anything with them. There was this unspoken neighborhood rule when it came to food stamps. But that rule was in place because of the stigma that was attached to food stamps. Having to use food stamps was like telling the other kids that you were poor, that you were in some way less than them. It’s funny because at the same time we all were poor and knew it. But I guess having the option of not feeling poor in the sense of others not seeing physical proof of your situation was something we all relished. I ,for one, can tell you there’s a big difference from knowing you’re poor and feeling like you’re poor. But I think the biggest representation that food stamps had on my childhood was it represented everything I didn’t want when I grew up. I knew I didn’t want to live around drugs all my life. I knew I didn’t want violence to feel just as routine as me putting on clothes. But most of all I knew if I had kids I didn’t want them to experience the ills that I had to experience when I was a child. So, to fast forward to my adulthood and see kids not ashamed of this type of assistance makes me wonder about our children’s mind state today. I totally understand that assistance for families is needed. I totally understand that without food stamps I may not be who I am today. But to see our children enjoy this assistance like they enjoy christmas presents stings me a bit. As I left the store I seen two small big wheels and a scooter. I felt like this was the perfect representation of the moment because it really made me think, ” Where are our children future headed?”

Photos By: Q.Whitening

Posted By: Q.Whitening


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