High Fructose Corn Syrup

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Art, Photos
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I had the pleasure of participating in a photo exhibition. It was an exhibition for the last class of a ten week photography course I was taking. Theses are the photos I displayed.

High Fructose Corn Syrup:

I did my exhibition on high fructose corn syrup because I felt like people really lack the knowledge of how their food is being produced. When I to go to the supermarket I always thought the supermarket was this wonderland of variety. Then I watched the documentary Food Inc. That movie changed how I viewed the food I was eating.  Corn is a big part of the american diet and most of us have no idea of how much of it we take in daily. Corn is one of the hardest foods to digest if not digestible at all. It has gotten to a point that corn is being fed to the livestock, from chickens to cows. Even now it is starting to be fed to the fish we eat. The biggest problem with our food is the people who make the decisions to produce our food in this manner. The big time CEO’s in their high rise corporate american offices make theses type of decisions for profit. The reason corn is being fed to our livestock is because it’s cheaper to produce than to maintain like grass. But going the more profitable route creates new problems. For example, when you feed cows corn you change there natural evolution. Cows naturally eat grass but by feeding them corn it can create the Escherichia coli O157:H7 virus. This virus can be brought right to the average american kitchen without awareness of the virus. So in this series of photos I hope I get some people just a little bit more aware of their health. If we can take care of our houses, cars, and other possessions why not the most important possession we have today; our bodies.

Worker Arrest:

In this scene the two men in the white and grey are workers transporting the crops. It’s a representation of corporate america getting foreign latino workers, from Mexico, with no legal rights for cheaper work labor. The man in all black is the Feds. The Army and Feds is a representation of how serious we as the American people need to take this matter.

Farmer Arrest:

This arrest represents the farmers who are forced to listen to the corporate bosses on what to grow because they owe thousands of dollars in loans. The pig is a representation of how they’re feeding the livestock corn to get them fatter faster at a cheaper price.

A Corporate Arrest:

This scene is the arrest of the corporate bosses.

The Regular Joe Arrest:

This scene represents the media selling us the badly produced food. Have you ever seen a commercial where the scene is a regular guy playing football with his friends. He gets tired and runs to his house to drink a high fructose filled drink.

A Corporate Arrest:

Another corporate boss getting arrested.

On Lookers:

The people looking on is a representation of America looking on for a new change. I used legos as a representation of how people at the top tend to treat us and/or think of us. They make decision that doesn’t benefit the American people but benefits the corporate pocket.


I hope people become more aware of their diet and teach better eating habits to their families. I think we all owe it to ourselves and our loved ones. Remember your body is your temple. So treat it like one because you only get one.

Thank You!

Photos By: Q.Whitening

Written By: Q.Whitening


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