R.I.P Good TV: Family Matters

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Video
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I was
nine and I can always remember a late August day with the feel of
fall breathing down summer’s neck. The street lights are starting
to slowly warm up to light up the incoming night. I’m speeding up
and down the street like a chicken with his head cut off, trying my
best not to get caught. That’s when I hear a voice shouting my name
in the area of the building where I lived. Just as the kid that is
“it” closes in on me to switch the chasing responsibility to me I
say to him, “I have to go home.” The disappointment on his face
gives me a satisfaction only a villain can love. I head home and
speed up the stairs like I was flying. As I enter the door I see my two
sisters sitting on the couch with a concentration only a good
program can provide. I turn towards the TV and start to yell, “Oh,
its…” Before I could finish my sentence my sisters interrupt me
with a, “Shh, be quiet!” So I just sit down and soak it all in.
Family Matters was a program that carried on a tradition of black
family values and love. It gave children like me and my sisters a
blueprint on how strong a family can be. I can definitely tell you
it’s still attached to me today. I just want to pay homage to a
program that tried to make the world rotate a little bit better
each day. It didn’t matter your ethnicity, the feeling Family
Matters gave flowed through us all. And that feeling Family Matters
provided can only be describe as life changing. I want to thank the
producers of this program and say rest in peace to Family Matters.
As my days go by I will always remember that no matter the
circumstances the love of family always

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