James Shields Tapestry Bridge

Posted: October 24, 2010 in Art, Q.Whitening Photos, Video
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About a week or two ago I had the pleasure of interviewing a striving artist in Brooklyn, New York. My experience with James Shields gave me a tidbit of his world. His use of vibrant colors in his paintings can best be described by him as “Energy busting out.” The mixture of his personal experiences with his love of hip-hop is shown vividly through his work. The passion he has in his work is so strong that he decided to make it a career and that is decision I tip my hat off to. To see a person put his all into something he believes in, even to the point of making a decision that most people couldn’t; that is motivation at it’s best. I want to thank James Shields for helping me get a little bit closer to my work. He has shown me that being artist takes hard work and sometimes sacrifice. I guess in this case it’s no pain no gain. I’m just glad he gave me the encouragement to embrace a decision like the one he made, should I ever cross that bridge. Keep that good art coming James Shields, you have a fan in me.


“James Shields”



Twitter: @Creativeshields

Facebook: James Shields Art

Artist: James Shields

Video By: Q.Whitening

Posted By: Q.Whitening


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