New York Shooting: Coco and Breezy

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Q.Whitening Photos, Q.Whitening Short Stories
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One day, after I did a shoot of a Lfye Jennings segment for his new single “Statistics”. I was walking back to New York Penn station with my friend and photographer Mambu Bayoh. While we were having a conversation, Mambu stops, and freezes with a look of a person who just seen something they have never witnessed before. Then, he sees these two young ladies that I am totally clueless to who they are. He stops them and introduces us to the young ladies. While Mambu is talking I’m more lost than a young boy away from his parents in a train station. So that’s when I decided to start taking photos of the ladies. They had a very interesting style to them that gave me a small idea of what they were about. As we conversed the story the young ladies had was interesting. They both were from Minnesota and decided to pick up and leave for New York. All they had was each other and their dream of hitting New York with their creative fashion and style. As our conversion ended with a hug and an exchange of contacts, Mambu filled me in on who they were. They were Coco and Breezy, the new it of New York. Their brand of sunglasses is hitting the world harder than a Ray Lewis tackle. They have stars from Rihanna to Ciara wearing their shades. Their success is climbing and I couldn’t believe that I got to photograph some of it. All I could think on my way home was, “Wow, just a regular day in New York.”

Photos of: Coco and Breezy

Photos By: Q.Whitening

Posted By: Q.Whitening


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