The Hoboken Experience: The Independence Day Finale

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Photos, Q.Whitening Photos
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The day before the 4th of July I decided to go to Hoboken. When I got there I just fell in love. The environment, people, and view engulfed me the whole time I was there. Here is my experience in Hoboken.

“Hokoken’s Perspective”


“Time to Cool Off”

“It Takes $ To Live Here”

“Like Owner, Like Dog”

“Homeless But Not Hopeless”

“A Skater’s Paradise”

“I’am Hungry”

“Parallel Worlds”

“And To All A Goodnight”

Photos By: Q.Whitening

Posted By: Q.Whitening

  1. Tired of Bullshit says:

    The skyline can literally be a postcard sold in stores!

  2. Tired of Bullshit says:

    The picture of the homeless man is perfectly shot.

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