School Days: From Suburban to Urban

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Photos, Q.Whitening Photos
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When I think of breaking through barriers, going from the bottom to the top usually comes to mind. For example, rap broke from an urban environment into the lives and living rooms of a suburban environment. But skateboarding is one of the few times I have seen something from a suburban environment reach the lives of people in a urban environment. I can remember when I was younger, when I would see a skateboard, my views of it were equivalent to my views of golf; I will never do it. Now in the ghetto streets of Newark, New Jersey, skateboarding is becoming common place. It actually makes me smile to see children participating in other forms of recreational activity besides basketball, video games, and football. All I could think of when I seen this kid with his skateboard is, “Kick, Push” little homie, keep kicking, keep pushing.

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