Photography’s Past

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Photos
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If I had to choose a time I could live in it would have to be the Harlem Renaissance era. The style, the culture, and creativity that flowed through the Harlem streets is a stream I wished I could have experience. James Van Der Zee captured it the best way he knew how. One of photography’s greats.

Marcus Garvey

Black Yankees


During the glory days of the 1920s, hundreds of Harlem’s finest made the trip to James Van Der Zee’s studio for similar treatment. There, Van Der Zee took picture after picture, making sure that each one presented Harlem in the best light. He would often set his subjects in dramatic situations: parents listening to their kids play piano, a child speaking on the telephone, a gypsy telling an old man’s fortune. In the process, he crafted a dazzling record of middle-class black life, a side of America rarely seen at the time.

“I tried to pose each person in such a way as to tell a story.”


Photos By: James Van Der Zee

Posted By: Q.Whitening

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