Under The Surface pt 1 – BNE/OBEY

Posted: May 23, 2010 in Articles, Photos, Q.Whitening Photos, Video
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Wow, today I fell down the rabbit’s hole and was awoken to a street art wonderland! It all started with this photo taken by Q.Whitening in Soho that we posted a week ago.

Little did I know under my nose was a moral to street art culture, all I could think was damn I see that BNE sticker everywhere…

Then I looked and thought Andre the giant has a posse?


I relish the moments in my life where my eyes are opened to new worlds and this was one of those moments. I never knew just how deep street sticker art culture was. There is truly art in everything. There is still more to come in part 2.

Posted by Pat

Photos and art taken from all over

  1. Ellen says:

    I especially love that Haiti one 🙂
    You should go to South St. in Philly there is a beautiful graffiti mosaic on one section of some block!

    • Yea it’s crazy how art is all around you. When I took the picture my thoughts were, wow its like this is a place where people left their signature. Then when pat did some hw, he discovered a whole culture behind this small sample of signatures. Amazing!

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