What If

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Articles, Q.Whitening Short Stories
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I can remember when I was younger playing around in the house when my mother wasn’t home. Then, of course, like all kids do playing in the house I broke something. Wow, what a feeling my wheels turning at 100 mph thinking of all the what if’s I can do and say. What if she doesn’t notice? What if she does notice? What if I can fix it? What if I tell her the truth? All of these possibilities I created in my small world just by breaking something. Well, we face what if’s on bigger and more responsible scales the older we get in life. What if happens to everyone on a daily basics and these what if’s create choices. What makes these what if’s so hard is the fact that the possibilities of getting that what if right or wrong is outright scary. It’s such a fine line between good and bad, love and hate that what if becomes a crucial part of your life.  We need to realize that God made us in his image. We may not be Gods but we sure have God like capabilities. We can create a life, take a life away, and with this responsibility we have what if’s that create choices for new purposes in our world. What if has the power to create the path you want and take it away, I  just hope you choose yours wisely.

Written By: Q.Whitening

Posted By: Q.Whitening


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