A Lesson in Love

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Articles, Q.Whitening Short Stories
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Another lesson from my Grandmother. Thank you love you always.

One day I was having a conversation with my grandmother and she told me about a time when she had seen love. At first I really didn’t grasp what she said, till she told me the story. She said when she was about nine years old there was a couple in her neighborhood that were passionately in love. When one was apart from the other you could actually see their love. It was as if this love was imprinted onto both of their souls. One day the wife got sick and didn’t recover from her illness. This affected him to the point of his death six months after hers. Hearing this story was so inspirational to me because it reminded me of why we pursue love. You can have your heart broken a hundred times over or cheated on even more. But if that hundred and one person that you meet becomes that love that imprints onto your soul, it was all worth it. A lesson in LOVE is always a step closer to LOVE.

Written By: Q.Whitening

Posted By: Q.Whitening


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