A True Woman

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Articles, Q.Whitening Short Stories
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My grandmother is the most influential person in my life. She died in 2008 and if it wasn’f for her, I know I wouldn’t be who I am today. Here’s one of the lessons she gifted to me.

The summer holds so many memories for me; it has helped to make my brain a wonderland at times. One summer memory that comes to mind is when I was fifteen. It had to be at least ninety degrees but it felt like it was a hundred. My grandfather was the true definition of what it was to be old fashion. When it was time to cook, no matter the weather, it was time to cook. So my grandmother is in the kitchen cooking, sweating more then Patrick Ewing at the free throw line. I am looking at her as she cooks and I just think why. Why is she cooking? Why aren’t we just having take out in the first place? But my grandfather is not thinking that at all. The more my grandmother cooked, the more it hurt me. I can see her emotional pain in every bead of sweat dripping from her face as she does her best to keep her moral poker face intact. What tops it all off is after all the cooking, the sweating, and the eating my grandfather didn’t even attempt to part his lips to say, ‘That was delicious.’ I don’t want to paint a picture of my grandfather that makes it seem like he’s this cold hearted man who has no sign of feelings; just that he had his own way of showing his love. My grandmother cooking that day is not what made her a true woman. There isn’t this complex difference between her cooking a meal and today’s woman studying to get her Masters. What makes her a true woman is the fact that she didn’t allow the lack of appreciation affect her overall personality. My grandmother could have let this hinder an overall goal she may have subconsciously set for us. As I have gotten older the more I realize how easy it is to allow the lack of recognition to cause bitterness. The development of that bitterness can affect the morale of so many people you come in contact with. My grandmother may have been in great pain after that meal but I do appreciate the strength she showed me that day. She could have let this get to her to the point that she decided to go against my grandfather. She could have let the mental suffering take over and crush the morale in our household. Sometimes I wonder if she allowed situations like this to affect her personally, would I even be the man that I am today. Whether you’re a woman who is an executive, independent figure at whatever corporation or a woman who takes care of home in the housewife position, the essence of being a true woman is all the same. You try your best to hold yourself to principles and morals that you feel can bring out the best in your family and others. For this reason the essence of a true woman comes out of you even when it seems as if reward will never come your way. So when you, as a woman, feel like your not valued or think no one has their eyes or ears towards you; someone is watching and appreciating what you’re doing. Remember that those principles and morals that you are holding yourself to, even in the darkest of night, is the definition of what it is to be a TRUE WOMAN.

Posted By: Q.Whitening
Written By: Q.Whitening
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  1. Naj says:

    I can tell your grandmother was a great woman cause Qua you were always a respectful person even when we were younger. I really felt this story; it reminded me a lot of my own grandmaster.

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